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I Don't Want To Go! - feat Nachum Peterseil

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This is a Dark Alternative acoustic song about a guy making a deal with the spirit world for a lifetime of wealth and happiness on earth. However, he finds that mortal life goes very quickly and ultimately, there's a debt to re-pay.

Vocals: Nachum Peterseil
Remastered Version: (e1 - July 2019)


The wind is blowing strongly and it's pulling at my hair
A 'thing' has appeared in front of me and I can only stare
What manner of beast is this? I ask my self aloud
To be able to materialise in a swirling brimstone cloud

The wind is blowing stronger and the 'thing' is coming near
As I gaze upon it's face, I realise my worst fear
The 'thing' has come to collect a debt that I owed it years ago
A promise is a promise - but I really don't want to go

The 'thing' is now upon me and holding out it's hand
For many years I prospered in this mortal land
But now the time has come around and I've always understood
There's no escaping mortality and hiding will do no good

I don't want to go